Stanley Park Causeway

Pen West was awarded the contract to cut the concrete for the widening of the Stanley Park Causeway


Lions Gate Bridge

Pen-West was awarded to cut the panels apart for replacement on the Lions Gate Bridge


Stave Lake Dam

Pen West was awarded the contract for cutting and demolition of the Stave Lake Dam pump house and outbuilding.


Sea to Sky Highway

Pen West was awarded the contract to cut asphalt for Kiewit on the Sea to Sky Highway project to Whistler


Hood Canal Floating Bridge

Pen-West was awarded the contract to cut up the Hood Canal floating bridge.  It was floated up from Oregon into the Fraser River and retrofitted there for re-sale.


#1 Highway

Pen-West has been performing work for Kiewit cutting asphalt from Langley to Vancouver on Highway #1


Port Man Bridge

Pen-West was awarded the Port Mann Bridge demolition contract to cut the existing bridge deck, and wire saw the existing columns.  This contract has spanned over a three–year term and was completed in 2015. 


YVR Runway

Pen-West was awarded the contract for the YVR runway replacement, including control joint and expansion joint cutting and profiling.  This contract continues to be renewed annually.


YVR Airport Lighting

Pen-West was awarded the contract to complete the Vancouver International Airport lighting contract.  This included the cutting of over 100 km of 12–inch concrete over a tight time constraint of 90 days.  This also included vacuum clean up and disposal. 


Forrest Kerr Dam Project

Pen-West was the sole proponent chosen to core 8000 holes, 30 inches deep, within 6 weeks for the Forrest Kerr Dam Project in Northern BC. 


Air Canada Hangar

Pen-West completed the runway replacement at the Air Canada hangar at YVR airport for Coquitlam Ridge Construction. 


Delta Port

Pen-West completed the retro-fit of 10,000 feet of trench drain at Delta Port for Coquitlam Ridge Construction. 

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